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DWORKIS DOG & CAT HOSPITAL (DDCH) has teamed up with CareCredit* to offer you an easy and proven way to pay for your pet's veterinary care at our veterinary center. Plan now and make taking care of your pet something that you can look forward to and know the finances are under control. We recommend three value levels that, depending on your pet's health and age, and your personal service needs, will give you the comfort of knowing that you can pay for your pet's care for the next twelve months.

And DDCH wants to thank you for your decision in
entrusting your pet with us by adding an extra 10%, bonus value to your account for services provided at our hospital.

Select one of the following plans or we can help you create your own custom plan. Apply to CareCredit for your chosen credit level and payment option*. After you are approved, the amount selected will be deposited in your account at DWORKIS DOG & CAT HOSPITAL. You are now ready to provide the best of care that is needed for your pet without the worry of depleting your checkbook. It is that simple.

CareCredit offers 3, 6 and 12 month, interest free payment options; as well as 24, 36 and 48 month fixed interest plans for those who may desire a longer payment plan.

Your may want to consider a higher limit to cover any additional or unexpected needs that may arise during the year. Any unused funds can be refunded to your CareCredit account or rolled over to the next year.


$700, 6 Month, Interest Free Plan And Receive $770 worth of Pet Services at DDCH.  Payments of $117 a Month*.

  • Puppy/Kitten Plan Plus.  Puppy/Kitten Examinations, Vaccinations, Routine Laboratory Tests, Spay or Neuter, Declaw (Cats), Microchip ID, Preventative Medications, First Year Annual Wellness Package. Select Dog Training, Grooming, Boarding, Doggie Daycare Services as Needed.
  • Adult Dog/Cat Plan, Plus. Annual Wellness Package, Preventative Medications, Dental Cleaning, Illness Visit(s), Medications, Special Diets. Select Boarding, Grooming, Dog Training, Doggie Day Care as Needed.

$1000, 6 or 12 Month, Interest Free Plan And Receive $1,100 worth of Pet Services at DDCH.  Payments of $167 or $83 a Month*.

  • Senior Pet Plan, Plus. Annual Wellness Package, Preventative Medications, Senior In-Depth Diagnostics, Quality Dental Care, Special Diets, Immediate Medical Attention When Required. Select Boarding, Grooming as Needed.

$1,500, 6 Month or 12 Month, Interest Free Plan And Receive $1,650 worth of Pet Services at DDCH.   Payments of $250 or $125 a Month*.

  • Major Medical/Surgery Plan. Acute Intensive Medical or Surgery Funding.
  • High User Accessory Pet Care Service Needs Plan. High Usage Grooming, Boarding, Doggie Day Care, Dog Behavior and Training Classes, Special Diets, Chronic Medications.
  • Multi Household Pet Plan. Be Confident That You Can Provide Care for Your Multiple Pets When Needed.

Plan Participants Receive Priority Veterinary, Boarding, Grooming, Training and Doggie Day Care Appointments & Reservations.

The above options are estimates and should be used as guidelines only. The plan excludes outside emergency or referral facilities, outside laboratories (other than DDCH's contracted laboratory services), and are for services and products only serviced or sold at DDCH.

*CareCredit is a product of GE Capital Consumer Card Co. Applying and being approved by CareCredit is strictly, and only, a process between you, the applicant, and CareCredit, the lender. DWORKIS DOG & CAT HOSPITAL, LLC is an independent, privately run Limited Liability Company offering veterinary and other pet care services. All plans have approximate values and DDCH does not guarantee it can meet all your pet's needs or satisfy all your requests. The amount of funds credited to your account can be used for any pet you designate, and for any services or products that DWORKIS DOG & CAT HOSPITAL provides. At any time the remaining balance of the original amount borrowed, net of any used or pending services, upon 30 days written notice, can and will be credited to your CareCredit account. The amount deposited can only be used by you, or an additional signer on your CareCredit account, or by any person you may designate, in writing, and on record in our files. Services are provided at the discretion of the licensed veterinarians employed at DDCH. DDCH may at its sole authority refuse services and may decide to refund any and all monies at its sole discretion for any reason.  Credit card company interest rates may effect examples of monthly payments.

For your personal assistance, please call us at 248 569 3030 and ask for Heather. She will help you design a program that will work for you  She will also help you through the CareCredit sign up process.

Act Today. Be In Control of Your Pet's Veterinary and Other Pet Care Services. Select an Amount That Fits Your Needs and Apply Now.