15555 West 10 Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075



Ziggy's Hospital Tour

Hi!  My name is Ziggy, I am the clinic cat here at Dworkis Dog & Cat Hospital.  I will be your guide today.  Please follow me. 


Here is our small scale for cats like me and small dogs. 

Big dogs shouldn't be intimidated, this big scale is easy! 


Follow me to an exam room! 

Check this out! You can get treats for being good!

Here is our pharmacy. I was just looking up some medications. Behind me you can see some of the prescription diets we offer, YUM! 

Now we are in our lab. This is where the technicians perform tests on your pet's blood when he or she is sick. 


There's a Doctor in Surgery. I'm not allowed to go in there.  

This is our x-ray room. Our x-rays are state of the art digital images. That's high tech for a cat like me. Oops, someone is coming, I got to move on. Follow me!  


This is our new ultrasound! 

This is the treatment area, a lot of treatments are done here. Sometimes I observe the doctors treating other cats like me. I am there for moral support. 



This is where the doctors scrub up for surgery.  

Here is our new dog training room and play area. Our new training page will be available shortly.

Here are two of our kennels areas. I don't want to go in there! The dogs like to bark at me. They are vary spacious, your dog has plenty of room to move around! 

Here is our grooming area, if I go in there I am sure to get a bath!


Well that's our tour. Hope you enjoyed yourself. If you have questions please call any of the staff and they will make an appointment for your pet. They take very good care of me and I know they will take good care of your pet.

Thank you. Ziggy