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Dental Health Care

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What happens during a dental cleaning?

During you pet's dental cleaning, he/she will be placed in the left and right lateral recumbency position.  Tartar removal forceps will be used to remove large areas of tartar accumulation, if present.  A water cooled ultrasonic instrument will be used to remove tartar and debris from the tooth surface.  Gingival surfaces will be examined and treated.  Hand scaling will be used to remove tartar and debris from the sub gingival pockets, if present.  The tooth surface will be polished, using a mildly abrasive fluoride prophylaxis paste, with a slow speed polisher.  The oral cavity will then be rinsed with water followed by an antiseptic rinse.

Dental Package Prices:

Dog & Cat Dental packages include your pet's physical exam, pre-anesthetic sedation, anesthesia induction, monitoring, dental procedure, day time hospitalization, and pain relief medication.  All vaccinations, blood tests and parasitic exams must be current.

Dental Cleaning Level I

(If appropriate blood chemistries have been performed within the last 3 weeks, includes dental cleaning and IV fluids) -

Dental Cleaning Level II

(Includes dental cleaning, pre-surgical blood chemistries and IV fluids.) -

*Extractions and medications are extra